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Jacob Strubel

Jacob left Seissen for the colonies in 1752. It is unclear what happened to Jacob's wife as we do not have a record of her death, and she didn't make it to the colonies. She may have died on the way to the colonies.

Jacob had 6 children, but it appears that at least one of them died young as her name was Anna Maria, and the next daughter he has, 2 years later, is named Anna as well. He also had a daughter, Maria, born in 1740, who did not make it to the colonies either. It is possible she died in infancy as well.

The 4 remaining children came to the colonies, with him, in 1752. They are:

Catharina (b. 1727)

Ulrich (b. 1728)

Appolonia (b. 1731)

Anna (b.1735)