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Matheus Strevel

Matheus married Susanna Wright (born 1785) in 1798 and had 9 children:

    Harvey (b. 1801), in Berne, NY

    Isaac (b. Apr 13, 1802)

    Johannis (b. Mar 25, 1804)

    Richard (b. 1805)

    Joseph (b. 1807)

    Matthew (b. 1809)

    George (b. 1812)

    William (b. 1817)

    Arvilla (b. 1819)

Matheus and his son Harvey died on the same day - March 22,1844. Matheus was 59 years old and Harvey was 43. It is not known what the cause of death was but it could have been an accident or an illness.

Two of Matheus' sons, Richard and Joseph, married women with the last name of Shutter, although it is unknown if and how they were related.